About BlastX 108

Abrasive Blasted Steel

If you are applying paint or other coatings over a contaminated surface, the coating is likely to fail prematurely.

BlastX 108 leaves a completely clean rust free & contaminant free surface, for up to 72 hours after wet or dry blasting.

Wet abrasive blasting with untreated water causes flash rust, while dry abrasive blasting embeds shattered blast media & paint particles into the roughened surface. Adding BlastX 108 to the blast water during wet blasting, or to cleanup water in a pressure washer for cleanup after dry blasting, removes all contaminants.

By adding BlastX 108 to the blasting water, or pressure cleaning water after blasting, it removes contaminants such as embedded blasting media, paint particles, salts, grease, oils, & residue, which also resists rusting for up to 72 hours*.

And unlike other cleaning products, BlastX 108 leaves NO residue or film which can also interfere with coating adhesion.

The completely clean surface is ready to paint as soon as the surface is dry of all water, & will ensure the full life of the coating is achieved, without premature failure due to inadequate surface preparation.

BlastX 108 isn’t just for use on steel either. Any surface that you are intending to paint or coat will benefit from being pressure washed with BlastX 108 after wet or dry abrasive blasting, such as aluminium, fibreglass, concrete or composites.

BlastX 108 is made right here in Australia, for Australian conditions.

*72 hours can be achieved in the right weather conditions with no rain & the temperature above 5deg. C

Abrasive Blasted Steel Cleaned with BlastX 108

Abrasive Blasted Steel cleaned with pressure washer & BlastX 108