No mater what industry you are in, wether it is marine, automotive, industrial, offshore or infrastructure, BlastX 108 cleans & removes all freshly blasted surfaces of all salts, residues, grease & grime, preventing flash rusting, and leaving a perfectly clean surface that is ready for applying a protective coating.

  • BlastX 108 is compatible with all industrial coatings.
  • BlastX 108 is easily applied after blasting with high pressure water blasting equipment, or during blasting by adding to the blast pot.
  • BlastX 108 is economical, costing just cents per square metre.
  • No rinse off is required. BlastX 108 evaporates off with the wash water leaving zero residue.
  • BlastX 108 is biodegradable, and does not persist in the environment.
  • BlastX 108 is non hazardous to use, and contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • BlastX 108 can be used as a direct replacement for HoldTight 102, HoldBlast, Dustless Blasting Rust Inhibitor, or RapidHold. Use at the same dilution ratio’s.
  • BlastX 108 is manufactured in Australia.